We are passionate about promoting an image that is most conducive to the long-term growth of our clients.

Does your business have trouble growing beyond your existing customer base? Do potential clients/investors even know you exist? If they do, do they trust you? Do they understand the value you offer? Or do many not understand or even fight against your product/service? 

Worse, does your inferior competition get a lot of media coverage? Are they growing faster than you? Are they getting investment dollars to grow? Are they taking market share and in some cases even taking your clients/customers? 

It’s likely that not enough people know you and even fewer people actually trust you, your company, or your product/service. If you don’t have an excellent public image, you’re losing money and need to improve your reputation. But it’s tough, no doubt. With endless amounts of marketing messages bombarding people every week, they’re forced to judge by reputation. And they do it ruthlessly. 

The reality is most businesses aren’t getting noticed by the right customers or investors. They’re not positioned as reputable authorities and don’t have the credibility to be believed. They’re hurting from a lack of public understanding and may even have significant opposition from critics. These businesses are not reaching their sales or funding goals and need to turn things around. And they need to do it quickly before the board or early investors take punitive action. 

We can help.

Our services include

Thought Leadership

We work with you to identify issues and create strategic plans to build and maintain relationships with key publics: customers, investors, members of the media, etc. We are experts at identifying solid news hooks that land coverage if you need get your CEO or analyst in front of business media to discuss national trends.

Influencer Relations

We connect clients to key social media influencers and help them build lasting relationships. Blogger relations and digital media are now an indispensable piece of any good marketing and PR strategy. Digital outlets are as important as traditional media, and depending on your brand, maybe even be more so.

Crisis Management

We manage company crises and mitigate damage by delivering apt responses to media. In tough situations, a swift response needs to be delivered to media–via traditional press and social networks–to mitigate the damage. We have the experience to manage a company crisis so that things don’t spiral out of control.

Media Training

Flawlessly deliver value proposition and other key messages during even antagonistic interviews. We train clients to effectively interact with members of the media to deliver key messages, and teach our clients the ins and outs so they are prepared to effectively avoid pitfalls.

Trade Shows & Conferences

We support clients on-site with media and influencer relations expertise. Trade shows are a great way to get in front of media–reporter and blogger meetings, press conferences, company announcements or even a well-crafted opinion piece that runs the morning of the event are all ways Razor Sharp PR can help promote your organization.

High-Profile Placements

We regularly deliver high-profile placements on TV, radio, print, and digital outlets when you need to grab maximum media attention. We regularly increase our client’s brand and personal awareness and exposure to new audiences: up to 1.5 million+ UVMP / viewers per placement depending on the outlet.

Creative Writing

We have experience with developing unique ways to pitch clients to media. The core of good communication is great writing and that’s where we excel. Whether it’s a press release—with SEO in mind—an opinion piece by-lined by you, a blog post, or a thoughtful story pitch to a reporter, we know how to write headlines and leads that capture attention and differentiate you from your competitors.

Message Developement

We develop consistent message points that highlight your strengths and position your business to take full advantage of media opportunities. We will also develop a strategy to effectively employ that messaging with the goal of influencing your target audience. The right message points will ensure company-wide congruence, from CEO to janitor. 

Media Tours

We have the connections and credibility to put our clients face-to-face with the right media. Even in our digital age, one of the best ways to establish rapport with members of the media is to meet with them face-to-face, especially in the beginning of a relationship.

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