Top 5 Ways Wall Street Firms Can Get on CNBC

CNBC has long been the top financial TV network, but for many Wall Street firms, getting interviews for their analysts on the network has remained elusive.

If a financial firm were to pay for a five minute commercial on CNBC, it would cost about $75,000, give or take, so why don’t more financial houses work to get their people on TV since it’s so valuable for reaching institutional investors, retail investors and other potential and existing clients?

The simple answer is that they don’t really know how. So below, I’ve outlined the top five ways to land an interview on CNBC (or Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia, Wall Street Journal Digital, Reuters TV, Bloomberg TV Asia, Canada’s Business News Network, etc.):

  • Earnings – It’s ultimately what drives share price and financial TV covers earnings that move the market, so get your analysts on to comment.
  • Economic Data – These come out on set dates every week and every month, so get your market strategist or economist on to comment.
  • Top Equity Picks – TV loves top picks, especially those that have a big upside…or downside, so get your analysts on to share their insights.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Whenever a company is bought out or is taken over, TV will cover it, so get your analysts and strategists on to comment.
  • Leadership Changes – The same goes for a CEO or chairman stepping down, so get your people on to comment.

Ray Young has promoted Wall Street firms for more than 16 years and works with top analysts, strategists and CEO’s to deliver their insight to key audiences. 

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