Top 5 Ways to Maximize Traditional Media in a Digital World

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Plus One Old School Method That Still Works

By Ray Young, president of Razor Sharp Public Relations

Here’s a situation I encounter a lot. A business is getting significant traditional media attention – TV, radio, print – but makes the common mistake of stopping there. That’s a very 1990’s way of thinking (No offense, Vanilla Ice).

Metals & Mining Analyst Mike Dudas of Vertical Research

It used to be that you got one shot at making the most out of any media – two minutes on TV or one article in the daily newspaper. But now as everyone knows, things live forever online. For businesses to better build their brand, it’s a matter of making sure stakeholders see what’s already there.

So how do you get the most out of traditional media appearances? Here are a few simple ideas to help maximize your efforts:

  • Post media to your blog – It’s your home on the Internet so grab the embed code (if it’s a video) or story link and post the piece to your blog.
  • Post media to social media accounts – Make sure all blog posts are tweeted and posted on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can automate this process with various tools, such as it.
  • Create a website media page – Include summaries, news outlet logos and links back to the online stories and interviews.
  • Send out a monthly email newsletter – Add a section to your newsletter that includes media from the past few weeks.
  • Alert your stakeholders to upcoming TV or radio appearances – Given broadcast interviews can be scheduled hours – or even minutes – before they hit the air, it’s not always possible, but when you can, it’s a great way to engage stakeholders.
  • Old school: print out columns and stories – It’s not digital, but still very effective when meeting with potential clients. You can even create a collage of your stories, quotes and where your business has appeared that you can hand out to stakeholders.


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