Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Need a New York-based PR firm

(And Why You Might Get Better Results with a Non-Big City Agency)

  1. Instantaneous Communication Is a Beautiful Thing – It’s not 1985, no one walks press releases over to TV stations anymore. It doesn’t matter where your agency is located in terms of effectively pitching the media. All firms interact in real time with business media all over the world on behalf of our clients and no one ever asks, “Are you based in New York?”
  1. Madison Ave. Isn’t Cheap, Somebody Has to Pay for Those Digs – New York PR firms often charge massive retainers. So if you want to pay more just so you can say you have a PR firm in New York…it’s a free country.*
  1. It’s a Big Retainer to You…But Maybe Not to Your NY Agency – Big city agencies are used to big retainers, so if you aren’t spending $30,000, $50,000 or $100,000 a month with them, you might not be a priority.
  1. Airplanes…Outside Agencies Can Be in New York on a moment’s notice – Should you need to have people on the ground in the City, no matter where your agency is in the country, they can be in NY same day. And many have partners in the City if something more instantaneous is needed.
  1. Good Media Relationships Don’t End at New York City Limits – Agencies all over the country have solid relationships with New York media. And like many of them, we are often in the city and meet with reporters and producers on a regular basis.

*There are plenty of reasonably priced boutique NY firms, but the percentage of firms with massive retainers in Manhattan is off the charts.

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