Top 14 Ways to Successfully Use Twitter for Business

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  1. Fill out your Twitter bio.  Make it interesting since it’s one of the first things potential followers see. Explain who you are and what you do and make sure you include your city. People like to know where you are located.
  2. Create a blog bio. Your Twitter bio is short, but you can link to your full bio on your blog where potential followers can find out more about you.
  3. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature. And your business card, your website and anywhere else people interact with you. Basically make it easy for people to follow you.
  4. Follow relevant people.  It’s about quality, not quantity. 100 key people are better than 1,000 random ones.
  5. Don’t obsess over your follower count.  Again, quality over quantity.
  6. Tweet interesting, funny and informative content. Be a resource for your followers. Add value.
  7. Find your niche. Consistently tweet about topics you know. Keep it focused. Be known for a specialty.
  8. Tweet often.  Nobody wants to follow a “dead account.” Tweet at least a few times a day. Give people a reason to follow you.
  9. Keep tweets short. Don’t use all 140 characters. That’s because you want to leave enough space for people to retweet you. Try to keep it to 100 characters or less.
  10. Don’t be a pushy sales person. Only rarely tweet about your service or product. Think value.
  11. Promote your blog.  Tweet your blog posts, guest posts and anywhere else you have an article.
  12. Engage with followers and influencers alike. Be sociable and friendly. People like that.
  13. Retweet others consistently. It’s about sharing…share others’ content and they will share yours.
  14. Use hashtags…it’s a great way to connect with like-minded users.
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