Christine YoungSenior VP

    As a nationally recognized mom blogger and social media strategist, Christine helps clients connect and build relationships with mom bloggers around the country.

    Nielsen Online has recognized Christine as one of the 50 most influential mom bloggers in social media and has worked with many major brands.  She’s served as a SpokesMom and on media tours for Johnson’s Baby and Walmart, and was a parenting expert for Lifetime Moms.  She also promotes clients at major mom blogger conferences like BlogHer.

    With nearly 100,000 regular readers each month on her personal blog, FromDatesToDiapers.com, Christine chronicles her large family and all the situations in which they find themselves.  She offers advice and encouragement to moms, and writes about her thoughts and opinions on pretty much everything, especially things that make family life FUN.

    You can find Christine connecting with other moms at FromDatesToDiapers.com, on various online social communities and speaking at conferences around the country.

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