How Does Social Media Augment a Classic PR campaign?

Social media gives a whole new avenue to promoting a company and its traditional PR efforts. It has also decentralized the media. Now many bloggers are just as, if not more, influential than traditional media outlets, some ordinary citizens are now among the most trusted names in news and product reviews.

Here are some ways in which an integrated campaign approach works:

  • All traditional PR stories and interviews are sharable across social media
    • Social media users can instantly share posts and information with their followers
    • Visitors to the blog and website can see the traditional media that has been done
    • This lends credibility to you and/or company
  • Immediate response to issues
    • Social media allows for immediate response to an issue
    • When breaking news occurs reporters and the public can go directly to your social profiles for relevant and timely information
  • Reporter research
    • Reporters do research on company blogs and their social profiles even more so than on a regular website. Often because blogs and social media channels are updated more often than a traditional corporate website
  • Connect with reporters
    • Reporters are all over social media, especially Twitter, which allows us to interact with them on a regular bases and discover what makes them tick


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