How Can Social Media Add Value to My Business?

Social media is not just for personal use, it has business value. As commercials and traditional advertising continue to lose their value in many cases, being seen on social media can help a company educate customers and build brand awareness. In many cases social media even allows customers to opt-in to marketing messages, by “liking” a page on Facebook or following a brand on Twitter, customers are saying “we want to hear from you.”

How do you social media to add value to your company? Here are a few tips:

  • Share and promote news to new audiences
    • Share interesting and relevant content on a blog and across social channels to reach investors, reporters and other audiences who are currently unaware of you
  • Build an image as a thought leader
    • Use video blog posts (vlogs), pictures, commentary, research, guest posts and re-purposed traditional media stories and interviews to credibility as a leader
    • Direct audiences to important posts and news
  • Identify influencers and help them spread your message
    • Find relevant audiences with a large and/or significant following on social media
    • Introduce them to you and your work
    • Host event(s) with these influencers
  • Reach reporters and producers with your social content
    • Social media releases
      • More and more, reporters don’t want traditional press releases
      • Instead, they want releases with links to pictures and video, as well as other relevant information
      • Direct them to your blog content, informational pages and social network profiles
  • Share TV, radio and print stories on social media
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