Ember Clear

Case Study

Client Description

RazorSharp PR regularly delivers high-profile placements with local and national television and radio outlets, as well as in print – including daily papers, business journals and trade journals.

EmberClear is an advanced energy development company publicly traded on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange.  EmberClear has met the challenge of balancing the energy and environmental needs of a growing global population.  Their solutions are designed to deploy commercial scale energy technologies, which enable dramatic improvements in the efficiency and cleanliness of fossil fuels. Read more about the company at their website.

The Objective

  • Increase visibility of EmberClear’s achievements, current/future projects, and/or partnerships.
  • Target outreach efforts to high-profile business, financial, or energy-related media publications that directly influence the decisions of potential investors and the investing community as a whole.
  • Increase awareness of alternative energy projects globally and highlight opportunities for companies and consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by decreasing emissions.
  •  Identify and consistently securing opportunities to deliver key messages about EmberClear’s mission and current projects on broadcast media.
  • Establish an online presence for EmberClear to appropriate online channels.


  • Identify and target key reporters and media contacts, on a local, national, and international level.
  • Highlight benefits of conducting business with EmberClear.
  • Connect CEO, Albert Lin, to the appropriate online influencers in the renewable and alternative energy sector.
  • Create and maintain a company blog, social media campaign

The Results

  • EmberClear has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business, NPR, Reuters TV and PBS.  They were also in prominent publications including Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Philadelphia Inquirer, among others.  The company built relationships with editors and appropriate journalists at top-tier publications.
  • EmberClear’s CEO Albert Lin did a media tour in China where he met with many China based correspondents of US and Chinese publications.
  • The company was featured on a PBS special on energy.
  • EmberClear became known for their green technology leadership, partnership with China, revolutionary ideas/uses for coal, natural gas and many more characteristics.
  • Planned and managed press conferences, media events, tours, to position clients with influential audiences.
  • Publicized EmberClear’s historically significant partnership with China’s largest electricity producer, Clean Energy Research Institute. Soon after, the White House released a statement highlighting the significance of EmberClear’s new agreement with Huaneng’s CERI to become a global licensing and energy development partner.
  • Developed and implanted an increasingly successful social media strategy for platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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