7 Reasons Your Financial Firm Needs to Be on Business TV…Regularly


  1. Credibility Increases Client Trading, Investment – Like it or not, if you’re on TV, you’re immediately on another level as an expert. Existing and potential clients will view you that way and it’ll be reflected in their account activity. Keep in mind that you won’t be giving away any house secrets, but just highlighting your ideas. It’s a teaser to get clients interested.
  2. Visibility Drives Penetration with Key Accounts – For some accounts, only good media visibility will get your sales team in the door, especially if they are previously unfamiliar with your firm.
  3. Consistent Publicity Will Make Your Firm Seem Bigger – Whether you have 10, 350 or 1,000 employees, media exposure will make it seem like you’re many times your actual size. And that makes a difference.
  4. Seeing Your Company Logo on TV is Priceless – Institutional trading floors have CNBC and Bloomberg TV on their floors all day, every day. Retail clients are watching Fox Business. That’s why repeatedly seeing your firm’s logo – and your people – is a huge reminder to them. And this is especially important if your brand is new or relatively unknown.
  5. Dispel Client Uncertainty Post Merger or Acquisition – There’s nothing like M&A to make clients jittery and push them quickly to the sidelines. Being seen consistently on TV and in print is a huge tool to combat this uncertainty and help them feel comfortable.
  6. Highlight Good Calls, Awards and Other Relevant Accomplishments – You’re good at what you do, make sure clients know about your successes.
  7. TV Appearances Are a Powerful Sales Tool – Consistent media coverage will provide sales with a new tool to use when pitching clients: “You may have seen my analyst on CNBC this week talking about his/her great call. It’s definitely worth your time for a meeting.”

Bottom Line: More visibility = more credibility = more clients = more AUM.

Ray Young has promoted Wall Street firms for more than 16 years and works with top analysts, strategists and CEO’s to deliver their insight to key audiences. 

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