6 Ways Social Media Extends Your Audience Beyond Traditional Means

  1. Find stakeholders worldwide. You can find anyone who has interest in your topics, no matter their location. In fact, many of the major social networks have a huge portion of their user base outside of the U.S.
  2. Share your content exponentially. Not only can you share blog posts – and traditional media like TV interviews – with your followers, but they can share it with theirs. And then those people can share it with their networks, and so on.
  3. Connect with online influencers. One very important aspect of social media is to connect with influencers who have a thousand, 50,000, 100,000 or more loyal followers or readers with whom you want to engage.
  4. Answer questions and provide better customer service. Social media allows you to respond to questions and solve customer problems directly.
  5. Listen to what your customers and competition are saying. You can see what is being said about you by your stakeholders and even what your competitors are saying.
  6. Connect with traditional print media reporters,  and TV and radio producers. They have flocked to Twitter and now you can engage with them and get to know them, which helps with traditional media coverage for your company.
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