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Don’t Rely on Frivolous Tchotchkes

Don’t Rely on Frivolous Tchotchkes

Because we know industry media and bloggers personally, we know which ones should know about you and we make it happen.

Trade shows are a great way to get in front of media – reporter and blogger meetings, press conferences, company announcements or even a well-crafted opinion piece that runs the morning of the event are all ways Razor Sharp PR can help promote your organization.

We can even help you host a group of mom bloggers at your branded cocktail party.

To get the most out of any conference, we lay the groundwork before by connecting with reporters and bloggers who will be at the event to set up meetings and arrange ambassadors (when appropriate).

During the event, we work tirelessly to introduce every person to you that you’d need to meet and we follow up to make sure stories and blog posts from the event happen.

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